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      ILETS bricklayers

      Ok, I have read the DIAC page so many times now I dont know my own name!

      OH is bricklayer and is 44. Reading DIACs page it says he gets 15 points for english if he holds a passport from UK and is a citizen.

      Is anybody else same age and occupation? Do we just do ILETS or is it really not needed? We are applying for 176 state sponsor visa which I know you dont need ILETS for the sponsorship but I dont want to send visa application to DIAC and get thrown out.


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      Sorry don't know about the occupation but come July the points system is changing and you will no longer get points for your occupation. From what I can work out this means if you don't have a degree or previous work/study experience in Australia you will have to do the IELTS and get 8's in all aspects. This is what my hubby is facing if we can't get our visa application in before then, which looks unlikely as we have only just applied for a skills assessment.

      If you can get your visa application in before then it is the old points system. Just go through it methodically and get your partner to do so aswell to double check it. Either that or go with an agent but thats loads of s.

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      My OH is a bricklayer & was >40 when he took the IELTS. He only took the test so that we would have a choice of where we wanted to go. At the time SA were only offering temporary sponsorship for brickies but then changed the skills list and offered permanent sponsorship. If we had known the skills list was changing he wouldn't have bothered taking the IELTS.

      Arrived 21 June 2010



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