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      Timescales for VETASSESS Skills Assessment

      Does anyone know roughly how long VETASSESS are taking to process skills assessment under General Skilled Migration ? I do not need to sit any tests only have my qualifications and work experience assessed.

      I have only just started this process several weeks ago and the waiting is killing me already !! We are so desperate to make a better life for ourselves and my gorgeous baby girl (3 yrs old). I feel like this is going to take years to get anywhere.


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      We r just waiting on r medicals now,and in our experience up to now it has took almost two years,we av fab agency doin most of the work but u can't rush government I too just kept thinkin about it all the time and lost many a nights sleep , now if I hear anything its a bonus I try not to think to much or I would of. Cracked up ages ago x hope this helps

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      gill and ian
      Its taken us about 5 weeks or so to hear fron VETASSESS. Our agent said they didnt seem to be processing them in much of an order though. Typical. Hope that helps

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      When we put our paperwork in it took 4 weeks to hear and then it will be 10 working days to hear about your practical. I guess you should be about 4 weeks if your not doing the practical. They are very helpful when you ring, phone 10pm uk time as its 9am there.

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      Thanks very much - your replies are reassuring !! I was working on about 8 weeks and sod's law we're off on holiday for 2 weeks (booked long before we decided to go for this !!) and that is when the 8 weeks are up. It would delay everything by about 2/3 weeks which will ultimately put me over the 1st july date - not a massive problem but will have to do better in the IELTS test !!



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