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      SS application cover sheet?

      Oh's quals should be back any day now and I want to have everything ready so I can get the SS stuff sent off the same day. Have started the online application form, but cannot, however, find the 'application cover sheet' that is required to go with the documents I am sending off. Am I missing a link on the website (probably right in front of my face!) or does the sheet appear once you click submit on the online application?

      Please help

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      I am at about the same place in the process as you, and I think once you hit the submit button you get a form to print off to send with your docs. That's what happened with my VETASSESS application.


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      yes, that's what happens- as soon as you submit you go to a page where you can print your cover sheet. if you need to print it again you can do this anytime you log in-even after you submit-hope that makes sense

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      Thanks for that! Still nothing from the quals though :( and the SS timeline thread is making me very panicky! :(
      Vicky, when do you hope to apply?

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      I only sent my skills assessment off week before last and not sure it has even got there yet !!

      Hoping to get SS SA and then visa application in before 1st July (should be ok after that if I get 8 or above in IELTS but don't want to risk it !!). It's going to be tight hence i am a nervous wreck already and only a few weeks into all this.

      IELTS test next Sat so revising like mad at the mo - worried about the "essay" writing bit and the speaking bit - it's ridiculous bearing in mind I've lived here all my life and got a degree !!

      I think you may be a bit ahead of me - anyway please keep in touch with how yours is progressing - it will be nice to be going through it at the roughly the same time as someone else. Most people on here seems to be at the later stages !!




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