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      Criminal check - fingerprints?


      Im new to this forum but have been following your posts for a while which have been most helpful! My plan is emigrating to Adelaide in March 08 (on my own). Im so excited and cannot wait to go!

      After months of waiting to get my SIR visa approved I have come across my first major hurdle.
      All documents were approved and I even have a case officer by now. The only document missing is the National Australian Police Check which you apparently need when you have spent 12 months or more in Australia - I have visited OZ twice, 14 months in total.
      After submitting form 1101 and the right amount they returned the form and kept the money! asking for fingerprints! To get a fingerprint check done, an additional amount of AUD 93 has to be paid - this seems to be done randomly! Does anybody know where you can fingerprints done - and get them over there??


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      The Wright Move
      Hi Sunny,

      If you call into your local Plod sorry ( police station ) take the letter requesting same, the will issue prints, please remember to have the police station stamp, officer number and name stamped next to the prints. If this is not done they will return the lot saying insufficient. If you need any other help send me a PM


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      Thanks Jim, that´s very helpful - back to the Plods:-) as initially I called them and was told they can´t help here.
      Next time I will be prepared better, taking all documents and telling them what I require! I just hope it won´t take too long anymore for my visa to come through.
      On the AFP website it is said that a fingerprint check takes longer to process than the standard National Police Check. I just wonder why they don´t tell you in the first place to submit all docs including fingerprints...



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