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      Good to come out of sad ???

      Forgive me if some people think i'm being unsympathetic.
      Am i the only one either here in Oz or back in the UK that is wondering if immigration will cut some slack for a while due to the extreme disasters happening in Oz and NZ at the moment ?? The amount of work needed to get both countries back on their feet must be massive. How many people back in the UK have had the door closed on them recently due to skills being taken off the wanted list or may have just knotched 46 so their dream has ended ???
      Will immigration open these dream doors for a short period to get a lucky few in to help ???

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      I suspect you are probably right, Passionate pom...

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      I was talking to someone the other day about skilled migration, and they thought as employers it would be even harder now to find good staff (tradies) as so many already here are heading for Queensland, so fingers crossed SA's skilled migration programme will try to fill the gaps here quicker than normal.
      Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side because it has been fertilised by bull****



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