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      State sponsership form help!

      Hi everyone
      Can anyone think of an answers that they put on their ss form, I.e why they have chosen SA, how will cope without family and friends? And any links that they used so support your answers. Another one is what research of SA have u carried out, what are your sources and how it's affected your decision. Any answers would be appreciated.

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      Can't remember that they have asked what research of SA we have done. Isn't that a question of the previous app form?

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      Have a look at this link, it may help you answer some of your questions...

      Why move? :: Make The Move

      It was a while back now but I think we put something about the cost of living and house prices being affordable here.

      I remember writing something about the weather and seasons.

      Missing family - there is always skype.

      Missing friends - you are already making new ones, mention this sight!

      Well they let us in so we must have done something right!




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