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      Do they have to match?? ( Degree = Job)


      Question? I am a Tehnical sales rep in Telecommunications and I was going to apply now to go to Australia, But I dont have enough money saved to go there and live the life I want so I am going to wait 3 to 4 years then try and go. I am registered to start a Business Management Degree as I am led to beleive a Degree will be a must but do your job and degree have to match exactly or is Sales and Business Management close enough,

      This is worrying me sick.

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      Hi Jason

      Find your job on the SOL. There are different versions for general and state sponsored, but I think most people want the state sponsorship now to get a higher processing priority for their application.
      Skilled Occupation Lists (Formerly Known as Form 1121i)

      You can check the assessing agency for your job on the list and then find their webpage for details on how they assess your skills.

      My husbands skills assessment is by the ACS and they have very detailed requirements of the percentage of the degree relevant to the job required. However he doesn't have a degree and is getting the skills assessment done based on previous professional qualifications and experience.

      If you check with the assessing agency you will have a good idea of what you will need to pass the skills assessment for your job.

      The problem is the australian government keep changing things so there is no guarantee it will be the same system or SOL by the time you want to apply. Are you only doing the degree for the australian visa or is it something you really want to do? It is a lot of work if you might not need it or things might change in the future. However I can also see that having a degree is useful for many things in life. Some jobs won't even look at people without degrees. Also a degree is with you for life and never expires or can be taken away. I am banking on mine when I return to work after a career break to raise my young children.

      Hope you find the right path for you. Just take a deep breath and research.


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      cornish Busdriver
      When i moved here it didnt really matter.
      I have a 1st Hons in Digital arts and technologies / communications and elecletronics.
      Had my own software company in the Uk and when i moved here was a bus driver lol lol lol.
      So doesnt really matter i think.

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      I assume you mean the degree and the job you are doing in the uk for the purposes of immigration.
      Hubby had a trade apprenticeship as an electrician but was his job at the time of putting in the application form to Diac..ie his recent work experience was a print finisher. We were told that his qualifications must have some link to his job..we couldn't really prove this..so didn't try. But talking to each people..their qualifications had no link to their current job and they got in.



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