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    Thread: Which comes first - the school or the property?

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      Which comes first - the school or the property?

      Hi, Is there anyone out there that can help. We need to rent a furnished home for aprox 8 weeks while our furniture is being shipped. A lovely lady called Kris has given me some info from the local papaer but that was when we were looking to move by Torrens Park. (Is it really wet there? Thats what web-sites seem to suggest!) Hubby is going to work in Norwood and would like to rent anywhere from Campbell town to Burnside. We have a dialema - which comes first - the school or the property. Do we need to put our daughters name down for a school first or do we find a property first. We have never been to Adelaide before as the job was supposed to be in Brisbane, but then changed. We are really looking forward to coming over but trying to sort things out is a little confusing I must admit. Hope someone can help.
      Mrs Froglet!

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      Do you know which school you want your daughter to go to? If it is zoned then you need proof that you live within the zone to get a place at the school, so I suggest that you get the house first.
      Check out school zones here
      Parents and Community: High School Zoning you can chose primary or secondary from the list on the left.
      If the school is not zoned, then get the school place first then sort out the house later.
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      Hi Anne, Thanks so much for that link. The good news is that the 3 schools that we were looking at are not on the zoned list and therefore we have just got to check the availability now. Brilliant.
      Hope to speak to you again.
      Amanda x:D

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      We came out here intending to find a school, then find a rental - it isn't that easy though as rentals are in quite short supply (good ones anyway) so it mnight be best to find a nice rental first in an area you like, then sort out a school afterwards. Only exception is if you need to be in a catchment area, but it sounds like that's not a problem so I'd say find a rental first!
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