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      Post can you sponsor a family member ?

      hi guys, hopefully someone can help, we are hoping to be in adelaide soon, and would like to know if we can we sponsor my sister and her family?

      thanks michelle

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      Mrs & Mrs T
      Hi Michelle, Once you have residency you are able to sponsor family members but family sponsorship isn't very far up the requirements list so depending on your sisters circumstances/occupation she could be waiting quite a long time.
      It is worth checking out which catagory she would end up in before making any applications as there may be better alternatives.

      Good luck x

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      Hi Michelle

      I agree with Mr & Mrs T.

      What visa do you have, please?

      Also, what skilled occupation would your sister or her OH be offering to Oz, please? Is the relevant occupation on the SSML for SA? State sponsorship would be a better option if possible because the Aussie Government has turned its face against people joining their rellies in Oz just because the relly wants them rather than Oz wanting them in their own right.

      State and Territory Migration Sites - australia.gov.au





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