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      Metal fabricator

      Hi all,

      We are in the initial stages of completing our 176 visa application, I am waiting for my trade test to be carried out in London, what I need to know is what does the trade test involve.

      I have been a MIG welder 20 years or so but I have never had any formal training or qualifications, I have also owned my own business mainly making gates and railing but also balustrades, stair cases and basicaly anything that anyone wanted making out of metal.

      I need to know if the trade test is going to be really technical and if so what I need to do to be able to pass.



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      Never did it myself mate so not much help there.

      BUT you may need to resit once here for a Boiler Makers certificate, which is equivilant of what we class a fabricator to be.

      Good luck with the test, I imagine some theory will be in there rather than a basic weld test.

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      I best get brushing up on the old books then, thanks for the advice.

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      Hi Chris,

      My OH is a welder, have been for the past 12 years. Unfortunately he was never part of any apprenticeship/traineeship. Before we were able to apply for the 176, he had to go for his trade test in South Africa and he was tested on practical as well as theory. After obtaining his qualification as a welder, he had to obtain a positive skills assessment from Trades Recognition Australia. He could only apply under Pathway E on the application (AQF III Certificate). In order to do this, he had to obtain the AQF III qualification by being assessed by Australian Skills Assessment in the UK. The application requires documents reflecting past work experience and photos. Thereafter, they schedule a live interview between yourself and an assessor who is a qualified trades person. After the interview, he will advise whether you have obtained the AQF III Certificate or not. Only then could we apply to TRA for a Skills Assessment. We needed that Assessment in order to apply for the 176.
      Apologies for the mouth ful, but I hope it answers some of your future questions! However, please keep in mind that TRA no longer does the assessing, they have appointed VETASSESS and Victoria University.

      Good luk!




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