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    Thread: Medical cost Birmingham v good

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      Quote Originally Posted by waynecaz View Post
      Do they really do a breast examination ?????. if so will a female dr do it or not ???
      Afaik its if you are over a certain age (someone posted and said over 40).

      You can always request a female doctor if you wish I'd have thought. You don't *have* to let a male doctor examine you. Or if you don't mind a male doc you can ask for a female member of staff to be present also. In fact, a male doc should have a female staff member present during an intimate exam iirc (at least that is my understanding when having other stuff done in hospitals, standard procedure it seems now). TBH though, its 5 minutes out of your life and you'll never see them again. And as a Doc they will have seen it all before. I just tend to put modesty aside and get on with things like this. I'd request a second person there if one isn't already is about it.

      Personally I never just sit there and say nothing if I am not comfortable with a medical situation. I've refused a male doc before (didn't like him personally so no way was I letting him near me) and asked for another doc, didn't mind if male or female then. And also asked for a second person in the room during an exam. They called a nurse in. Wasn't for a medical for Aussie visa but I'd surely think the code of practice now is much more considerate toward the patient in terms of dignity and so on.
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      We had ours in Birmingham on the 6th April, and still waiting to hear back from them! They said it would take 12 days to get the results then they would courier them to Sydney (our eHealth wasnt working!), by the 14th day we still hadnt heard a thing. Called them again and they said they were sending them on the 21st by courier...still not got any confirmation or tacking number by email. HURRY UP!!
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      Had medicals 15/03/11 ,you only hear from them if there is a problem after two weeks.......if you don't hear after 2 weeks then everything is ok. My partner was present during examination,breast exam done in private behind a screen, no problem,very easy,no worries!!!!

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      We had our medicals done in Manchester coming from Leeds, 5mins in a taxi from Picadilly to Deansgate just over a fiver cant grumble even for a yorkshireman.- it takes around an hour on foot-trust us we know.
      Dr Smith is fantastic and cant do enough for you, a big thankyou to him-


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