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      Adelaide lifestyle

      Hi guys
      Well hubby and I have started the ball rolling, I have been gathering my documents for my skills assessment (176 ss teacher) and hubby has got in contact with his company in oz to be considered for a work transfer. So we are well and truly underway with our new adventure. I have been doing lots of research and had a few questions.
      What is the lifestyle like in Adelaide - the way of life?
      Staying close to adelaide where are the nicer areas to live, we would like to be near a beach!
      What is the cost of living like - clothes, groceries and eating out?
      What kind of social activities are there to do?
      Is it possible to rent a place with a pool?
      I'm a primary teacher - what would be the best way to hit the ground running in terms of jobs?

      Sorry! Lots of questions! Hope someone can help!
      Dani xx

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      I would suggest that you come over here on a holiday first. Most love it, but everyone is different.



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