Hi one and all

I am sure some of this information is out there but can't find it so who better to ask than you guys..

Okay, a friend of mine is coming on the 495. I have been told that in order to receive Medicare benefits, she has to provide proof of UK residency and her passport.

Then she is entitled to free treatment in public hosp whether for in patient or patient treatment irrespective of what it is for.

If she goes private, she meets the shortfall.

She is elligble for the PBS which means once she pays out $1059 on prescriptions she pays concessional rates or gets them free.

And she can have out of hospital treatment by docs through health centres.

Does this sound right? Does it matter if you find out about a medical condition shortly before leaving the UK? Not a long term health issue even though visa is granted?

I know some of you are on this and so you can help. The woman at medicare had to go off and ask someone else whenever I asked a question hence my doubts at the information she has given me!!!!


Thanks so much for you help.