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      Medical conditions applying for a 136 visa

      Hi everybody

      I was just wondering if anybody had any experience or comments on applying for a 136 skilled immigration permanent visa? Specifically how rheumatoid arthritis and type 1 diabetes might affect the medicals.
      Both conditions being stable and well controlled. Our agent assures me that there is nothing to worry about but I would prefer to hear from an independant source that may have had personal first hand experience of these issues. Any info or guidance, tips would be very much appreciated. Thanks.


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      Hi Simon

      we have a daughter with an eye condition and asked everybody we could think of very similar questions and didnt get very far at all! No one seems to be able to give a definitive answer it seems to be a bit suck it and see.

      The one thing I think would be usefull is that we took a letter from Megs consultant with us to the medical and the DR said it was spot on just what they needed, and would hopefully stop them requesting extra info.

      good luck.

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      We came on this visa and were expecting problems. What they are looking for is the cost in the short term and long term. You can be advised by your agent on the exact wording for a letter from your GP stating the treatment you have been having. You will also need to take letters from your specialists indicating ht eoutlook for your medical condition.

      We had a problem with the latter as my specialist had retired 6 months previously and a new one hadn't been appointed so we got copies of all the letters sent by him to my GP and letters from the GP to him and this worked fine.



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