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    Thread: 887 paperwork

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      887 paperwork

      Hi everyone

      My wife and I have been in Adelaide for 2 years now and meet the job requirements too.
      I will ask for a 887 (from a 495) next month but I had a few questions about the paperwork and the visa in general:

      1-about the residence: do they need ALL utility bills or only, like, first and last ones?
      2-do all these copies need to be certified? do each and every document we send need to be certified copies anyway?
      3-from what I understand, for the 2nd instalment to be waived, I (I am the secondary applicant) need to sit ielts again... is that possible? (I passed it for the 495 to start with and I have been working, full time, in admin since we arrived...my English can only have got better... I think...)
      4-the visa form asks again for points and everything... is that just for other visa types or must we again make sure we have enough points?

      Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

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      Apply online it is so much easier than trying to do the paper based version. I also got completely confused looking at the paper based version. When I applied online it basically asked have you lived in a regional area for 2 years, have you worked for 1 who is the application for - that type of info (so nothing about points etc - that is only for the 495/475) it guides you step by step through the process so no getting confused and trying to figure out what is required and what isnt required.

      You dont need to certify copies if you scan them in colour. As you are proving you have lived in a regional area (as per your visa requirements) for 2 years I would include at least one bill from every month (if it is something that is quarterly but says so on the bill that say it is for the period January to March imagine that would be OK). I went down the route of more is better so for example if you had a copy of a rental agreement and you had a copy of utilities bills and you had say phone bills that are posted to your address then I would include some of those as well just to prove your address. Then of course your pay slips which prove you have worked for a year.

      I dont know about you needing to sit IELTS again - I would assume that having passed it once and thereby proving you had functional English that the 2nd instalment would not be necessary. The only problem appears to be the request for medicals - it asks whether you have done medicals - I put like a previous poster suggested NO - not applicable completed as part of 495/475 application and that was sufficient. But some people have been asked to undergo medicals again - not sure how they decide whether or not to ask someone to redo their medicals.

      Good luck.
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      Thanks very much for the info.
      I'll go for the online application then.
      Hopefully as you say it will be a bit easier!

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      Its not only easier it is also quicker - big plus!!
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      Well... there you go... visa applied for on 7/5 and granted today (2months)!
      I had uploaded all the documents I could; was only requested to add an AFP and that was it (no medicals or anything...).
      We're permanent residents now!

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      do they need just a proof of work or superannuation details , i might be working two part time job and paid on hourly rate , not sure if they r going to pay superannuation or not

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      Sorry about the delay... as far as Iwe are concerned, we didn't send any super details...



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