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    Thread: TRA my timescale

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      TRA my timescale

      Hello all

      Just thought i would post this, may give people waiting, a bit of a lift

      TRA acknowledged 22.03.11
      passed successful 15.04.11

      this was much quicker than i thought it would be.

      Can anyone tell me if docs will be emailed to me, or will I receive them by post, I did ask to be corresponded to by email. obviousley i need the positive assessment for S.S


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      Hi Jase

      We were the same, didn't think we would get it back in time (and i am a worrier) There were sent by the agent on 22nd Feb but weren't acknowledged until the 15th March, 3 weeks later! I thought we had no chance but they were approved 11th April :)

      If you go onto the online tracking portal, underneath it should say outcome letter, you can then pring it out and send with your SS documents.

      If you have an agent then the outcome letter will have been sent to them so they should e-mail you it. Hope this helps.

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      Hi Lou

      Thanks for the info, just logged in but no outcome letter "link" perhaps they havent uploaded it yet???? just says successful


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      Outcome letter link uploaded today 3.15 pm, docs ready to go for s.s tommorrow, getting giddy again


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      Bit of a wait wasn't it but glad it's finally there!

      Good luck with SS :)




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