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    Thread: pet shippers

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      Our friends dogs traveled with Airpets based at Heathrow airport


      It cost approx 3000 pounds for both, and that included everything from vets bills, Airpets costs, flights, quarantine costs (30 days at Melbourne) and fees with Jetpets (an aussie based company) who flew the dogs from Melbourne to Adelaide, and delivered them to the door.
      It was worth every penny.
      Hi how big were your friends dogs, I had a quote of Airpets and they quoted me 4,500 GBP for my 2 dogs. I have Boxers which I would imagine are medium size dogs

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      They were big dogs labrador size

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      Hi - We've Got A Jack Russell That We're Going To Take To Adelaide, So I Checked Out Airpets And They're Going To Send Me A Quote; Seems A Pretty Comprehensive Service To Me - Hope Our Travel Plans Are As Well Organised!


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