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      about 475 visa ANY ONE CAN HELP ME

      hi i granted the 475 visa on march 2011 and i will move to south australia next month iam from egypt i sponsored from south australia state but the grant visa letter and visa label on my passport dont mention that i sponsored by south australia .all that mention it is under condition 8539 only .so is it normal to have to live in south australia on can i live in another state.

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      I think your visa allows you by law to live & work in regional areas in other state/territory than SA, but it will be the breach of your commitment to SA state government.

      In http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/gener...d-regional.htm, DIAC says

      If you wish to move to another regional area to live and work, you must notify both your current and new state or territory government of this change.
      I wonder if anybody has done this successfully before but it doesn't seem to be easy, because the current sponsoring state must get upset and the new state may not wish to accept it. It is still legal as far as the visa condition is concerned but I suppose it may impact your future application for PR if you don't comply with this properly.

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