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      pushchair on plane?

      Hi all,
      Well the big move is not far away now,6th June !!!!!!!!
      I was just wondering if anyone could give me advice on whether we can take a pushchair on the plane?????We are stopping in Dubai and there is no way we can carry our 15 month old around for the 5 hours we are there,we are also stopping in melbourne for 2 hours befor flying onto Adelaide.Any advice would be greatly received:).

      Rachel (35) Lee (36),hollie (8),sophie (15months).

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      Blimey, that's a roundabout route

      It will depend on the airline. Not many airlines seem to let you actually take a fold flat stroller pushchair on board in the actual cabin these days. Some will let you take it into the boarding area and then you check it at the gate (but then you may not get it back till you land in Aus that way).

      BA on the leg from LHR to Singapore took our pushchair on board in the cabin so we had it for the 5 hours in Singapore but Qantas from Singapore to Adelaide made us check it. And on the return leg Qantas made us check it the entire way to London.

      Singapore do provide basic white fold up pushchairs for people to borrow. Maybe Dubai do something similar? Check the airport site or enquire. Or ask the airline you are flying with but be aware what you are told over the phone by someone in a call centre may be very different from the staff on the ground at the airport.

      The other thing to do, depending on who you are flying with is to see if you can check it to go in the hold but then collect it when you change in Dubai. You'd have to check it again when you board for Aus. It would go as luggage and then you'd collect it from the carousel. But that is a last resort I'd say.

      And if you do take one it really has to be a basic fold flat stroller one. The more fancy ones, the travel system types with big hoods etc are too bulky. We got an Obaby Atlas for about 60 and it was brilliant. Folded down to well within the limits of the airlines.

      The other thing to consider is a baby carrier of some sort. Plenty of people use them for older babies/toddlers and they are certainly easy to transport You can get mei tai types for using on your back at that age.

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      Yes we travelled with ring sling (fantastic to have that in the bag and would still be fine for a 15 mth old) and stroller. The stroller thing varies. Check in early, ask if you can take to the gate and then have it back when you stop. We've succeeded with this but checking in early's good and does help. I think we had mixed success on our last Aus-UK-Aus trip.
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