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    Thread: am i being selfish to live in Adelaide

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      I think in many families there are similar reactions. There certainly was in ours. My sister did not speak to me Fu tbs and accused me of child abuse for taking "her" children away from her!!! My mum ad dad were sad but supportive though my mum is still difficult about the fact we love it here. (she decided not to love it when she came whether she actually did or not!) and Richards mum spent every day of the first 6 months we were here in tears asking us if we had booked our flights home cos she was dying inside!! She then came out to see us, loved it here and is coming again in 2 weeks and again in October!! My sister did get over herself eventually but not before she almost destroyed our relationship with nasty actions we are now almost back to normal after I went back to the uk to see her.
      You are not selfish at all to want better things for you and your family. You ate courageous and adventurous and should be praised for giving your family what you think is best. I take my hat off to all who jump into emigrating and I'm sure you will be just fine when the time comes to move.
      talk to your sister by what ever media methods available to you anduse your more supportive family members to your advantage for support. Best of luck to you, try not to lose sleep over it, you have enough on without that as well.
      Julia x
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      Us planning to move to Oz is causing abit of a "atmosphere" with my mum. She will not discuss it therefore makes it hard for me.
      She lived her life exactly the way she wanted to and that is what keeps me going. I have to think of my OH and our 2 young children. I dont know what she would be like if we got the actual visa! Scary
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      Leeanne 33, Rob 32 Refrigeration and Airconditioning Engineer, Callum 7, Emily 4. Fly to Adelaide 22nd April 2012. Living the dream. Feel settled and happy here. X

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      thanks to all the replies, such as great response from everyone and just confirmed what i was feeling inside really. I know i have no reason to feel guilt. I did email after the first email to explain to her our reasons for going etc, but i think the fact that my hubbys sister is in Adelaide is what causes some of the jealousy maybe that she wont be the closest auntie anymore, i think.

      In answer to one of the questions, she has one son who is 15 and pretty much has a great social life with his friends and so is not at home much. I do think part of this is a little bit of not feeling needed anymore too.

      I will do as advised though and continue to keep lines of communication open, and possibly write her a letter nearer to us leaving. Hopefully she will come out and see what a great life we have (fingers crossed) and realise we did do the right thing for the children.

      thanks again everyone xx
      Shona (39), Ian (39), Elisha (15), Mitchell (12) and Ty (6)


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