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      Is the new points test really that bad?


      I have lodged my SS and it has not been registered yet and I have been having kittens about it. I have however had a further look at the new points system planned for July 1st.

      Is it really that bad, I have just run through it for my wife (not me) and the only thing she would have to do different is the IELTS test and if someone from a non English speaking country can do it, Then surely someone born and bred in the UK would be able to acheive this.

      Does any one agree or am I being over optimistic. Is it the end of the dream if my documents are not recieved for Monday.


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      Hi, if your occupation remains on the list then yes all you will have to do extra is the ILETS.
      I think people are just worried that there occupation might no longer be on the cat 2 list.
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