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      Expiration of TRA ????


      I have just read someone said the trade recognition had expired and they had to redo it. I am sure they said they were a School Teacher. My wife is a Hairdresser and done TRA passed it in 2002 we went to OZ and worked for a bit and are now wanting to immigrate. Do all TRA expire of just ones that need updating like teaching or mybe IT.

      Any help on this would be great


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      Hi Jason,

      I did my TRA assessment in Hairdressing in 2002. I recently contacted TRA and they told me that the assessment never expire!:)

      hpe this helps

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      Hi Jane

      Thanks for the reply,

      I have been worried about this, We are going to apply on my wifes TRA and like you it is in hairdressing and was done in 2002 as well.

      Good news

      Thanks Jason

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      I'm just waiting for new SMP to come out in July then I'll be cracking on hopefully. I just hope Hairdressing is on the new list!.

      I have been through the migration process before in 2003 so if their is any questions then please feel free to ask.

      It looks like their are lots of people in our position on here so it's good to keep everybody posted with updates.

      I'm in York, whereabouts are u?:)

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      Yeah they definitely don't expire - we contacted them re my husband's after we had a break in applying xx

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      I noticed with Canberra they required a recent (last couple of years) TRA, not sure if SA or other states require this though :)

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