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    Thread: Murray Bridge - anybody live there? Need help with creating a shortlist of suburbs!

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      Its funny when you look at Adelaide on a map- as you say it looks like one suburb just rolls into the next. Yet when you go up to Mount Lofty or any other high vantage point it looks like a big forest! Particularly with all the rain here over the last 12 months and everything being so green- it looks great, and not really like a city at all.

      You are doing the right thing in researching as much as possible before you come, but you really wont know whats best for you until you get here and see for yourself.
      When we came out we did the same- lots of research and questions on here etc- and we ruled out Henley Beach for instance, because on paper it seemed too close to the airport. However we arrived and have rented here for the last year and absolutely love it! Very expensive to buy at the beach though.
      That said we have just bought some land to build our house on the face of the Hills about 15 minutes from the city, so somewhere different again.

      We had thought about Hallett Cove, Christies, and some of the other southern suburbs, but on arrival we stayed down that way and although it was nice enough we found it a little distant from the city for us. Plus it was full of poms....

      There are some very nice areas to the east of the city, very leafy suburbs, but they can be expensive.

      Come over and have a look for yourself without committing to one area. Get your other half to work for someone else for a while until he opens his own place- that way he will have time to find the right location, and the right place for all of you. He will also be able to find out if the industry differs in any way etc... there are subtle differences with most things here.

      One thing I will say is if you look around you WILL find something that suits you all here- there is something for everyone within an hour of the city here.

      Good luck with your adventure.
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      Quote Originally Posted by libbysmum View Post
      So out of interest what is it about Murray bridge that's not so good? Is it the infrastructure, facilities, healthcare, people? When looking on realestate there were some gorgeous housing but did notice a few roller shutters which set some alarm bells ringing. I did think maybe they were for sun protection, am I being a little naive?
      You are not being naive, roller shutters are generally there for protection from the sun and to keep the cold out at night. Houses here don't have double glazing so shutters are a great idea, many Mediterranean houses have shutters for the same reason. Our rental has them on 2 north facing bedroom windows and I love them.

      Murray Bridge is a typical rural country town, and probably not what people imagine when they dream of moving to Australia, but there's nothing wrong with it. Country towns tend to have pretty good infrastruture, we had to take our son to the doctors when we were on holiday in Barmera (a small country town on the Murray) and the facilities were fantastic compared to what we had out in rural Essex.

      Adelaide is a big suburban sprawl, but there are suburbs which are more rural than others. Gawler and the Barossa are nice, plus the foothills and the Adelaide Hills, which are more similar to the pattern of villages and towns in the UK.
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      Backpacked round Australia 1992. Married Australian husband in Adelaide 1994. Lived in Adelaide 1994-1997. Moved back to UK & lived in Essex/Herts 1997-2009. Returned to Adelaide November 2009. 2 kids dual nationality.

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      theres 2 kind of male only (barbers)hairdressers in the village shops at golden grove, both do really well plus theres 2 ladies/mens hairdressers and they also do really well.So living in a burb is good business, by the way the going rate for a blokes cut is $22 to $26

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      Having lived in and having many friends in the Murray Bridge area, I would say that Murray Bridge has a lot to offer, a good sized swimming pool, Horse race track, Golf Course, Speedway track for cars, and a very good riverside frontage where lots of events take place. The town is small but expanding, and they are planning to build a new shopping center there. Lots of organisations in the town.
      Downsides are that it is quite small, and can be very hot in Summer with less rain than Adelaide. To visit Adelaide takes about 1 hour if you stick to the speed limits, but it is Motorway all of the way.
      Having family in Adelaide, we decided that it was just that too far out to see the Grandchildren etc, so moved into the city.
      If you are used to a small town in the UK then Murray Bridge could suit people well, however I am unable to answer the question re Barber's as our Aussie friend used to cut our hair, so never had to look for one.!!


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