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      Visa application help

      Hi guys,

      Ive read through the DIAC bits and we will be applying for our visa online. Does anybody know if you still have to certify the docs? Im sure I read somewhere that you only have to get black and white docs certified and colour docs you dont.

      Any ideas would be great. Cant afford agent so doing it myself and its scary incase I bugger it all up!

      Thanks guys x

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      Just be thorough, we also did it on our own and so far... everything has gone smooth! You do not need to have originals certified, when scanning the originals in colour and attaching them to your 176 application.
      Good luck.

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      Cool thanks. We have some docs that are black and white even though they are original so I guess they will need to be certified. It said that once we commence our online app, which we have, it would give a doc check list but I cannot find it. I have just printed off the paper app one as a guide.

      Taken 2 years to get this far, be so glad once the application has been lodged finally xx

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      Ps, it says on the visa app form something about putting down all the countries you have lived in since turning 16, over the past 10 years. We have only lived in the UK but it wont let me leave the boxes empty. I assume I just need to put our address for the uk?

      Thanks again people. x



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