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    Thread: should we go, or stay ?

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      thanks to all off you that took the time to give their advice, we have decided...... we,re not going to decide untill we know the kids both get their visa,s, i,m sure they both will as they both have the right skills, in the mean time we are going to keep researching Adelaide and Victoria, as i,m sure everyone who has been here a while knows that everything here can change so quickly, so we will just wait and see, if jade gets to Adelaide and we go visiting and decide we like it we can move then, no-one can say we haven,t given it everthing to stay here, we do like it (apart from missing my dad and my kids) and had to work very hard to get and stay here, i think it,s because we are still in rented, and seems arse backwards that we have a lovely big home in the UK but here we are paying someone else,s morgage, OWNING yr house doesn't have to be the top needs, but it doesn,t feel like my own home, we cant just take off to Adelaide because of maddie, and we have a 13 yr old, although he could stay with our freinds here but not sure how maddie would take all the coming and going, so roll on jade and stuart with your visa,s and then WE can look at our options, also when Cara gets there they will hopefully be able to hive us an informed run down on what the jobs and employement is really like there, so again, many thanks to you all, as i said we would still be very interested in other posters opinions

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      If you don't already have citzinship, that would be worth staying for as well. Hang in there with the renting hopefully if you decide to stay longer term you will be able to sell your UK home at a good price and the exchange rate will hopefully be in your favour ( we hope).


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