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      475 Visa and my experience

      We have now been here in Adelaide for 9 months on a 475 visa and just feel like giving you a couple of examples of the highs and lows of coming over on this visa.
      Number 1 is that we wouldn't be here if this wasn't available so we feel very lucky to be here. The cost of the application, medicals, flights etc was far more then we ever expected so make sure you have the finances in place before you even think about the whole migration issue. Make sure you are also financially sound for when you arrive. We have had to dip into our savings on a couple of occasions to keep going. You are not entitled to anything such as center link, rent assit etc. This was again something we were not expecting and has made things that little more challenging for us. As we have settled in quicker then expected I have been lucky to again employee sponsor so we are currently going through the visa application again to gain our permanent visa. This will take sometime but this will then open doors on securing a home loan as we are desperate to own our own house. We are totally over the renting thing and crying out for a place we can call home. Mortgage companies can only offer you 80% as you are temporary plus there is other hurdles to get over as well.
      I think I am trying to say is to be well prepared if you are arriving on a 475. It can be difficult as not many doors open for you at first but if you stick with it then things will start to happen.
      We miss our family and friends but have met some great people here and love the area. I have worked for the same company seen I have been here and they have been very supportive of me and my family.
      Good luck and you will love it!!

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      We used a company called http://www.bernielewis.com.au/ and our mortgage is with Homestart give them a call and see if they can sort summat out for you...they certainly helped us a great amount.


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      Sounds like you have hit a few challenges along the way, but great that you are settled in well and enjoying your new life. Thanks for sharing your story. Hope to be able to join you over in Adelaide soon.




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