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Hi Buttons, this single desicion is the hardest part of our emigrating and we did not come to our desicion overnight.
I belive you are right of course having grandparents around is a benifit but for us there are other factors and when we have added it all up we feel that our children will have a better life in Australia.

Thats our right as parents, to do the best we can for our children.

As for when im 82 yes i will be gutted if this happened to me but i would also like to think that even though i would be sad i would understand the reasons why and be able to look past my own personal loss.

We have though the same about our wifes parents and after telling them this morning they are gutted BUT can see why and understand our reasons. Its been a long morning and im sure there will be more questions but there initial responce was as good as we could of expected.

Be strong - you have made the decisions for the best reasons for your family. Yes, they will be devastated but will, in time, learn to live with it and hopefully understand why you have chosen to emigate.

I speak as a parent who was quite ill for 2 years with stress related conditions leading up to my daughter leaving and until I was able to visit them all and see for myself what a great life they now have. I kept this to myself as much as I could as I didn't want to make their move any harder than it already was. I'm fit and well now and glad they are happily settled and living their dream.

6 years on we are nearly at the end of the long process of getting a parents Visa and should be living nearer them all by Christmas. Not eveyone has this chance I know.

Be firm, tell them you love them and pray that in time they will accept your decision and support you. Don't give up on them - they are hurting right now. Make sure they have access to a computer and know how to use a webcam before you leave - that can make a huge difference. Good Luck.