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Well our house as only been on the market for a short while and we come back from telling the wifes parents this morning and got a call from our estate agents :)

After another visit last night a couple have put an offer in at 5k less then the asking price. I told the estate agents that we were in no rush and the house had not been on for long and we had lots of interest already so at the moment it was a no

The estate agents phoned back after 10 mins and said they had offered the full asking price

HOUSE SOLD - get in there.

Early days and i know its a long process untill you are exchanged but we could be in Aus as early as July or the beginning of September

This is starting to come together really quickly and its squeeky bum times, so excited though.

Fingers crossed for your big adventure.
I is SO jealous.
Good Luck.