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      Taking a dog to Australia

      We will hopefully coming to Adelaide within the next year and want to bring our dog with us. Would be grateful for answers to the following questions ;-

      Companies used that did a good job?
      Are there any quarantine kennels in Adelaide? If not, where are the nearest ones?


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      Well I consider myself something of an expert on this having shipped our dog Trevor to England from Australia and then back to Australia just eight weeks later - don't ask, long terrible story.

      Anyway, can thoroughly recommend a company called JCS Livestock to export, I think the guy that helped us was called Mike Sawyer. He went above and beyond for us and was just sooooo helpful. I don't remember the exact cost but it was around 2,800 GBP. That was just the flight and all the paperwork. There are no quarantine kennels in Adelaide so Trev stayed in Sydney for 30 days, cost was about $1300. We then arranged to fly Trev to Adelaide with a company called Dogtainers but I've completely forgotten how much they charged. They have a website and you can contact them for a quote.

      Good luck!
      Liz, Rich, Hattie, Rory and Trev the dog.

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      We flew our boy over using Golden Arrow Shippers who were slightly more expensive than some but well worth that extra few pounds. They were extremely helpful and caring. Here is the link

      They cannot help enough with any queries etc and understand that your dog is part of the family.

      Henry stayed in Melbourne in quarantine and then he was flown to Adelaide.

      Good luck with it all.
      Steve, Sarah, Zoe and Abbie
      Arrived in Adelaide August 2009.



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