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      Hi gang

      Dear all,

      We are flying to oz on sunday to validate our visa, purely to validate, we have about 3 days on ozzy soil. Can anyone think of any little jobs we could do e.g open a bank account? that would pave our way for our actual move to oz, we actually go for good next year. I know we have to present our passports for stamping. Apart from that I feel like I would like to achieve a little. Thoughts from people whom have validated before, great apreciation, thanks, laura.

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      Not sure about the little jobs,but I'd be looking at places where you'd like to live,what services are available nearby and what not.Abit early to be looking at employment but I would look into that aspect by checking the newspapers(The Advertiser)maybe visit the centrelink office closest to you for jobs,visit a school in an area you like(if that applies)maybe look at some cars,new and secondhand to get an idea,and above all,have a great time!



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