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    Thread: Cholesterol problem advice

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      Cholesterol problem advice

      Hi We are in the process of moving to Adelaide, however I have a few concerns over health issues. I am currently on simvastatin tablets and was wondering how I get these in Australia - does medicare cover these? Any advice would be appreciated.

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      Yes same here.

      Get a signed letter from your UK GP detailing your medication. When you move over here (Oz) find a GP and get the medication as normal. Unless it's a bulk billing Doctor you will be charged a gap fee (we paid around $40) the Doc gives you several prescriptions each about a months supply which you then take to a pharmacy. You pay the first $34.30 of each prescription then Medicare pays the rest.

      Hope this helps.
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      There are some Doctors (GPs) who bulk bill and I came across this site the other day that has a list of those Doctors - basically means that you don't pay anything out of pocket. There are not many, but seem to be scattered around - here's a link http://www.doctors-4u.com/adelaide/abulkb.htm#h and with your medication there are some chemist shops (pharmacies) that do sell generic brands (which are exactly the same ingredients but without the brand name) of some approved medications and you can get them about half price. (Hopefully your medication is one of those)
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