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      Info on referrals needed

      Hi to everyone out there,

      Could anyone please give me info on who and where I contact to query my referred medical. Just want to find out how long before it's looked at etc. I believe it's not my case officer but a particular dept.

      Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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      Thanks for this post. Have exactly the same question this morning. All my medicals shown referred this morning. Why? I have nothing wrong with me as far as I know. Is very worried now.

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      In the same situation guys, meds referred on the 31st March.
      Read on several other threads that there is no specific time as some changed from ''referred'' to ''finalised'' in 2 to 3 days & others seemed to have taken months in the worst cases!

      But gathered that you can e mail them on this address

      That's exactly what i did today & hopefully i should have some feedback soon! So bloody anxious.....

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      Got this reply today....
      ''Dear Mr Ousmand

      Thank you for your email. Your medicals have been received are currently undergoing assessment.

      If you require further information please contact your allocated case officer or relevant business section.

      Kind regards''

      No idea what it all means though or how long they will take on this... which is the crucial bit of info if you ask me.

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      Hi thanks for reply.

      I have also just rec'd reply from HOC they said currently in receipt and can take upto a month as it is end of migration program year!

      God so frustrated feel totally out of control aaaahh



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