Hi Everyone!

Anybody here who knows what does it mean if your CO says:

"I am awaiting some final checking. Your application is nearly at grant stage, there is nothing further you need to provide at this stage I will contact you as soon as I finalise your application."

I know I should be happy w/ that message - "nearly at grant stage". However, our meds have been finalised on May 16. Did not hear from CO until I emailed her on May 24. She replied back May 30 with that message.

The long wait is getting me worried. It's been 15 working days since meds got finalised. Why is it taking so long when others usually get grant only 3-5 days after meds.

Anybody here who had the same experience?

Thank so much!


SS state sponsorship - 3/23/11
e-VIsa lodge - 3/25/11
CO - 4/19/11
PCC uploaded - 4/29/11
meds finalised - 5/16/11