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    Thread: State sponsored online application?

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      Sorry Daisy, no idea on passports, but to start a new thread, go to the board you want, and up the top, just above the very first post (in the stickies bit) on the far left hand side is a smallish orangey button saying 'New Thread'. Thats how to do a new thread (funnily enough. I think they toyed with the New Thread button deleting the entire internet, but decided against it :D )
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      Quote Originally Posted by Adelaide_bound View Post
      Right, in July 2011 (this year) they are changing the points system - you no longer get any points at all for your job/skill set, however you don't need these really anymore as they are reducing the passmark to 65.

      Info on that here: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/gener...ts-testfaq.pdf and here: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/gener...oints-fact.pdf

      SS for SA is closed until July 1st (or possibly a couple of days early they told me), and that stays exactly the same as it was before - you need to meet all the SA eligibility criteria, have your positive skills assessment done, fill in the forms and do a mini essay on why you want to settle in SA. The SMP for SA SS should NOT be changing - if anything apparently one or two jobs may be coming off, but from what I got from the lady from SA Gov, this is unlikely. All jobs that have met their quota currently, and therefore could not apply or were rejected for reaching planning levels, will be reset on 1st July to 0.

      In July 2012 the system for visas (175/176 etc) is changing - instead of applying, paying lots of money and then fingers crossed you get the visa, you will register an Expression of Interest (EoI) which is like a mini application - they will then invite a certain amount of people to actually apply (longer forms, and actually pay the fees) usually all those who get over x amount of points. IMHO this is a better nicer system as you only pay your money down near the end of the application really, when you know you are definitely (more or less - nothing is ever certain in this world apart from death and taxes, after all) going to get it as well.

      If you apply for your visa from DIAC after July 1st 2011 you will be subject to the new points system, if you apply after July 2012 you will be subject to the new EOI system. However, its a long time between now and 2012, so there may well be other changes as well.

      The SOL may or may not change each year - apparently there are minor changes to the SOL3 this year - Becster posted this helpful website on here today with the information on : http://sortoutmyvisa.com/blog/. If DIAC decide however they don't need to change any of the jobs on the list, they won't (in future that is ie 2012).

      Hope that is of help
      What a great post and very helpful! Thanks.


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