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    Thread: July 2011 and priority processing

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      July 2011 and priority processing

      Hi everyone,
      just wondering if anyone knows if they priority processing is likely to change in July as well? I know the SOL is changing. We are currently in group 2 and have had our medicals. However now waiting on specialist report. If it doesn't get there and visa decided before July 1, are we likely to 'lose' our place in the q?
      thanks so much !

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      If your job has come off the SOL 3 (or rather, it has been published that it will come off on 1st July), unfortunately you will go to group 4 (however you say you are group 2 currently, which indicates you have SS, which won't change with the SOL, so you should still be Group 2) - but its only 4 jobs coming off the SOL (obviously if yours is one of them it doesn't matter if its 1 or 1000 coming off I appreciate that :( ) This only will affect people without State Sponsorship, who are currently Group 3.

      What I'm not sure about is how the priority changes, in terms of you are already so far down the process, with just waiting for a report to come back before being rubber stamped, whether you will just be completed, or whether your application will be halted (it does seem a bit stupid to halt someone's application when they are so far down the road, to then re-process it later on - common sense would say they will just finish it off and grant you, but then this is immigration and therefore common sense doesn't always play a part in matters!).

      On the plus side - if you do slide down the priority ratings, because they predict less people will be applying it shouldn't be that long in the grand scheme of things before your application gets picked up again apparently.

      The indication from SA Gov (having spoken to a representative in person the other day) is that the SMP for SA will not be changing at all, if it is it will only be one or two jobs coming off it - but tbh my vibe from her was it won't be changing (I have been wrong on occasion though - only rarely however - I am a woman after all! ) If I am wrong on this one, apologies in advance. If you are talking about the SMP, even if you come off the list, it doesn't matter for you, as you already have SS to be in Group 2, so you don't care about the SMP anymore, you are done with that bit. Like, if you got SS for hairdressing, and then they closed that due to the quota being reached, you would still have your SS, so the changes to the SMP (hairdressing being closed) doesn't matter in that specific case.

      (Edit - just read your sig, and see you do have SS, but I'm going to leave the rest up in case anyone else was wondering about the different things)

      Further Edit - just thought of this after I'd logged off - it also appears from your Sig that you are applying as Primary School Teacher? If that's the case, its def. not coming off the SOL4 - there are no published changes to the SOL 4, just the SOL3, which can be found here:

      http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/gener...fact-sheet.pdf (found here http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/gener.../whats-new.htm on the Immigrations website)
      So you should all be fine :)
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