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      SA state sponsership

      Hi, Me and my partner are currently awaiting the new rule changes to take place in order to apply for state sponsership with Sa.
      Does anybody have any advice on what to include within the application to be successful? Any help would be great thanks in advance .

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      Hi Smify

      Before I applied for SS I had to have a skills assessment with the T.R.A . If you have done this already, then the application providing it is still the same is quite straight forward. They want to know if you have enough money to look after yourself and the reason you want to go there, oh and a job thats on the SOL list.

      Hope this helps


      P.S Are you not going to use an agent? I didnt and found the whole process fairly straight forward even the VISA.

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      You will need to do lots of reasearch on the area/s you are interested in living in South Oz. So this is something you could do now... did you see the old SA SS application form??? Could be useful to see what they used to ask for... it may just be the same... that way you could just fill out the form as soon as it comes back online & send straight away!!!

      Arrived Nov 11... Living & Loving Life!!! 2 girls at Hallett Cove Child Care & Hallett Cove East School... Hubby working... and im a Midwifery Student at Flinders Uni!!!



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