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      air freight of heavy toolbox

      Hi all.

      I am currently awaiting my visa which i am hoping should be ready in august,

      Originally i was going to ship my toolbox out that weighs approx 80-100kg.

      A friend told me he got a quote from UPS of 700 to send out his toolbox but when i done a quote it was quoting 84,500.00
      which looks more like i am chartering a whole planne.
      When i contacted them they have told me they dont fly anything over 70kg for a private freight.

      Has anyone ever used freight to fly anything over 80kg out to australia.

      Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

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      im a motor mechanic and shipped 2 large toolbox's (large MAC toolbox and snap-on trolley) and can say they both weighed over 80kg but mine was in my container with other stuff...my advise is contact a shipping company and see what they can do, but dont forget what ever trade your in make sure your tools are clean and if you do decide to ship over make sure shipping company has spare set of keys as customs or quanatine might want to look inside toolbox and if they dont have keys they WILL open it and not care what damage they do..hope this helps


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      Hi Alex.

      I am an HGV mechanic and am hoping to ship my snap-on top box only which i am guessing weighs approx 80-100kg.
      I am at this second giving them a good clean.

      I am heading to adelaide and have spoke with another guy who is heading over at roughly the same time as me to work with the same company and he got a quote of 700 to fly over his roll cab which should only take about 2 weeks to get there.

      As i am hoping to be there in august flying is also a good idea as i dont want it to take 3 months to get there and i have been quoted around 500 to ship them so an extra 200 is worth paying to get them there quicker.

      I have tried UPS and they are telling me that they only fly items up to 70kg which isnt any good to me.

      Just wondered if anyone else had flew theres over.

      How do you find working over there Alex.

      Thanks for your reply mate.




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