Hi All

At this stage me and my Husband are considering a move to Australia, talked on and off for years. Anyhow I have been informed that I can easily obtain sponsorship and receive a 457 Visa?? Apparently this can be done as quick as 4-6 weeks (gulp). My biggest concern is my little sister, we are very close. Now she can come over on a working holiday for upto years or a tourist visa upto 12 months, which she is happy to do. But long term, way off in the future our aim would be for us to gain citzenship (after the four years) for ourselves. I am aware that there is a visa where we would be able to sponsor her, the problem being is our living relatives. The Visa states that she would be eligible if I am her only living relative etc. Me and my sister ceased any contact with our family many years ago (mother, father, brother and half sister) so in effect we only have each other barr my husbands family who have adopted the both of us lol. My assumption is that this would not be good enough, does any one have any advice on these issues?????