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      Problems with FBI records

      Any one else had problems getting police clearences from FBI, they are extremely slow at responding and keep sending back fingerprint cards saying not legible enough.
      In this day and age fingerprints can be sent electronically beats me why they continue to use the old fashioned method. This is the only thing holding up application and there is just no where on the FBI site where you can contact a real person. Application is for a return resident visa, emmigarted to Oz as a child but returned to UK training and work and now want to come home and be with the rest of family.

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      Can I ask why you need to submit the fingerprint cards? If you are a UK citizen you are not required to have a fingerprint check! It took about 6 weeks for us to get our certificates back from both Feds and Uk police.

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      In the visa application you have to get a Police Clearance for every country you have worked in for the past 10 years. UK Police clearance and German clearance were easy. Because I have worked in USA too the process of gaining a clearance is done through FBI and one of the requirements is the fingerprint card for them to do a search of their records. Have worked in secure places in UK and Germany where fingerprints were taken so records are on file, can't understand why USA is so old fashioned in using cards.



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