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      Nursery work in oz.

      Hi all,
      I'm just wondering if any one would be able to give me any information or advice within the childcare profession i have been working as a nursery nurse for just over a year and I'm currently becoming qualified although it is not an NVQ as they no longer seem to be putting any one onto these courses (or so i have been told by my trainer) any ways, I am wondering what the equivalent qualification is out in oz Or how i would go about converting the qualification) and whether there are any major differences as I am keen to keep within my passion for child care.
      If any one has any information it would be much appreciated.
      Kind regards Leanne.

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      Hi Leanne,

      My wife has been working in the same profession for 6 yrs now and she has her NVQ3, and we are seeking the same answers although she is not the main applicant. Good luck with your application, let us know how you get on!

      Kind regards Simon and Denise

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      Hey Simon and Denise,
      I have just read some older posts that say about how to convert NVQ's, you need to take them to TAFE adelaide city campus (or e-mail for info) http://www.tafe.sa.edu.au/campuses/metro/regency.aspx for your qualifications to be assessed and converted, there is a skills recognition service which is a link on the site. Hope this helps!
      Keep me posted on your situation too.



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