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      i live in dagenham essex and have been given a quote of just over 3000 for a 20ft reefer container the company is copseys in romford essex for that 3k they will come to my house and pack stack and send (complete with first class stamp) to oz my house is a two bed....im nearly at that stage

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      Well PSS have been and gone and they certainly get my vote. Polite, tidy efficient, all stuff really.
      Arrived 0800 and were away by 1315 with a sealed container on its way to the docks.
      They emptied and packed everything that wasn't marked to leave.
      Fingers crossed the service at the other end is as good.

      PSS are definately one to consider!!!!

      Gosh my house seems big now it's empty................ lol, shame we're still here for a couple of weeks!!!

      Paul, Sam, Elliott and Lily
      Living in Woodcroft

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      We intend to sell all of our large stuff before we go and just take a few boxes of valuables and personal items. Anyone had any quotes for sending boxes, tea chests etc over to Oz? And do they have to be packed by professionals for customs purposes?

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      Quote Originally Posted by Rachael View Post
      Hi there!
      Welcome to PIA
      Haven't got a clue about shipping companies as we're about to embark on that to. Just noticed you live in Bournemouth. So do we!
      James and I are just in the process of selling our house before the big move. When do you hope to be in Adelaide?
      Hi Rachael,
      Nice to hear from someone local! Small world. We live in central Bournemouth and can't wait to get out! Do you know anything about the meeting set for Weymouth on the 27th?? ..Do you have jobs to go to? Specific areas you want to live in Adelaide?. It seems once you get that visa is when the hard slog really starts! There are soooooooooo many decisions to make and things to organise. All those life changing stresses at once. Definately think it will be worth it in the long run. Our kids better appreciate it!

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      I'd like to go to the meet but don't know anything about it. Have replied to the other thread, same as you, to find out more.
      James is a welder and is currently applying for jobs but think he will have to wait till we get there.
      I'm a teacher and will probably do part-time, we're moving to oz so I don't have to work so much. Am fed up of working 8am -8pm here. We're currently trying to sell the house and start sorting everything. I've handed in my notice and will finish at Easter, so the pressure is on now more than ever. This is becoming stressful, I agree, especially if we don't sell the house before I finish! Otherwise we'll be broke, not a word my husband likes.
      Hopefully, we'll be able to meet next week, will have to convince James to come first though.


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