Could anyone give me good visa advise...?

I would like to know if there are any possible chances of me and my family getting a visa to live and work in Australia. So here goes.
My husband is an Assistant Manager For a Plant Hire company i have worked for them for 10 Years. Just recently i was told there my be a chance for me to get a Sponsorship with Hire companies ie-Coates hire in Australia, but cannot get any infomation on this.
I works in foriegn Exchange for the past 5 Years.. I qualified in Pattissery and confectionery Level 3 and cake decoration Last year but i have been unable to get any work experiance as there are no jobs...
We have 2 children, John 16, he as just completed level 1 plumbing at college, and Charlotte whos just 8yrs

Also i have a cousin who is an Australian citizen would he be eligible to sponsor me..
any information would be gratefully appreciated...

thanks AnnMarie