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    Thread: Nightmare!!!!

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      Hi Trisha,

      It's really frustrating and disappointing isn't it? You think you've sent off everything they could possibly need and then they come back for more. I have an Australian passport so my husband is going on a spouse's visa. He has his visa now but after we sent off all the info for the application they e-mailed us to ask for more statutory declarations proving we are in a relationship - we've been married 29 years for heaven's sake!! Oh well, it's worth it all in the end. So best of luck and hope you get your visas soon.


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      Yes I was asked for documents referring to my self employment so it looks standard. The case officers at ASPC seem to have nothing to do with the TRA so the same info can be used again. The request for this information bty our case officer gave us 28 day to reply with documents or information on what efforts had been made and when documents may be available if not available within twenty eight days.

      The most useful info I got together were copies of self assesment returns from HM Revenue and Customs. I phoned my tax office asked nicely and a wodge of screen dumps for the last five tax years was with me within ten or so days. Your filled in returns are entered onto their computers and stored that prooves your self employed status.

      As far as blame goes I would put that with the agent as case officers communicate with agents rather than applicants.

      Hope that helps Matt

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      Hi Dean & Trish,

      We are friends of Nick & Jo also i just thought i would send you this to say hope everything works out for you . Hopefuly we will see you at the party on Satureday the 19th of this month. Maybe we could keep in contact with you guys aswell. I know nick and jo cant wait to get out there also lets not forget the kids aswell, they are going to love it. I have been to Adelaide before and it is a fab place to go , have you guys been to oz before.

      Regards :v_SPIN:

      Mark and Helen ( Living in Bourne , Lincs )

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      Hi Dean & Trish,

      Did you have a great night on Sat, we had a fab night . Nick tells me that your taking their luggage to the airport for them. Hope we can keep in contact pm me as soon as you can with your email address and phone number.


      mark & Helen

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      It should be alright, it happened to us too, we got told the case officer has requested employement details and lots of other stuff since leaving secondary after being told we'd have the visa way back in Dec- we sent it all off and didn't hear anything and then last week I emailed the agent who sent she had emailed us the visa! of course we hadn't got it but apparently once they have have all the paperwork they request, they soon grant u'r visa.Hopefully all will be well soon.good luck

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      Hi All

      Firstly \congratulations to all of you who have had your visa granted recently. Brilliant news.

      And secondly, we have now e-mailed our final documents as requwsted to our agent today. She said you would forward it today...

      How long did all of those of you who had to do this have to wait to hear your visa was granted????

      I am hoping not to long, but am I hoping??????????????


      A very impatient Trisha

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      :DGlad to hear things are on the up, our time line below might help .

      Cheers Graham

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      mine came in a few days


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      Hope it comes swiftly Trish, as it a nightmare waiting. I do remember that bit well.

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      Did someone just say a few days????????????????????????

      Oh god please please please.

      Thanks for all your kind words and you will all be the first to know if and when we hear anything.



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