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      we are just about to start our application using visa go has anyone out there used this agent before, if so are they reliable and fast cant wait to get back to the oz life style. Any info would be helpful or if anyone recommends an agent for us to use would be appreciated.
      Thanks, The Gilbeys from Sheffield.

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      Yes we used visa go and have the visa to proove it.
      Yes very happy with their services and recommend them. Having met and spoken to people migrating over the last two years visa go were a lot better than a lot of peoples' agents IMO. For example we heard " oh your agent did that ,we had to do that ourselves." a fair few times.

      Best of luck.

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      Linn Family
      We are using Visa go as well and really pleased with them.

      Darren is very good and always available to talk to. They leave it up to you as to how quick you want your Visa. The sooner you get all your documents into them the sooner they will start.

      hope all goes well.

      Teresa and Chris

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      Hi Gilbeys,

      just wanted to say hi and welcome to PIA, we are using a different agent, but just wanted to wish you luck.
      Cornelia (41), Andy (42!!), Ally (16) & Wee Andi (12) x

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      visa go

      hi all,

      completely by mistake i ended up having an e mail conversation with Darren and he was really helpful. I did the assessment and we recieved a letter today that we qualify to go to australia :v_SPIN: and as promised he enclosed a brochure and a breakdown of costs.

      At first i had a small heart attack at the 5k price but reading all the good things about this agent , we feel that if we end up usung an agent it will be this one, just got to work out where we get the money from as typically have just used the last of my savings on 2 tickets to adelaide for Feb!!

      good luck with your application

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      HI, I would also recommend visa go as agents,we are very fortunate living in Livingston only a short car ride away from Darren's office and have found him and office staff very helpful throughout the whole process. Darren spent time in his office talking us through our options before we finally made our decision no pressure on us at all .They don't mess about when decisions are made, paperwork started straight away, lots of examples to help you along with TRA's etc.
      Good luck the mcds.

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      Great agent

      Darren at Visa-go is brilliant...he tells you straight and knows his stuff.

      He really has your interests at heart and knows immigration inside out. Highly recommended.


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