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    Thread: Is there a way you can live in SA if your SS is for WA?

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      There are no concerns on this issue. It is not illegal to get SS and just go to another state - they'd have to change the law. They have 'special' agents who check for fraudulent applications and they even check on fourms. I personally know one of these people and they have told me that it is of no interest to them. If people have to move to get work, then so be it, best that they do that and contribute to this country.

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      Quote Originally Posted by hughescl View Post
      Hi all

      I'm in need of some advice for my sister. As a family they have a 176 SS visa application in they are doing their meds next week, their SS is for WA as their agent said this was their only option to get the visa application in before 1st July changes as SA had closed earlier than expected. They want to be in SA as we are here and that was their first choice of state. Is there a way after they receive the visa to reside in SA not WA or do you think they should try and contact their case officer now that the SS for SA is open? Any adive or thoughts would be greatly received

      Many Thanks

      If you apply for ss from a state you will already have stated to that State that you will LIVE AND WORK in that State for 2 years. Yes, it is a permanent VISA but you ONLY have the freedom to live and work wherever AFTER 2 years! That is one of the prerequisites of a SS VISA! Hope this helps


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