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    Thread: anyone changed from a 175 to a 176 visa -help please!!

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      anyone changed from a 175 to a 176 visa -help please!!

      My OH applied for a 175 back in June 2009 and we are still waiting for a decision
      He is a Fitter (general) and his occupation was on the MODL when we applied but was then taken off and we were in limbo for a long time.
      It has beeen put back on the SOL with the July changes but we are getting really desparate for some movement so I have just done a South Australia State Sponsorship application online.
      My agent says because of when I applied I dont need to submit another visa application form but I am reluctant to have him deal with this as to be honest they havent really been much help.
      I just wanted to know if anyone else had done this and what do I do if I get the big yes from SA? Do I just inform DIAC that we have applied already in 2009 and we want to change our visa to a 176??
      Thanks for your advice, its much appreciated

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      Hi TraxFM
      I did a couple of years ago and unless anything has changed I did not put in a new application. I spoke to immigration as I was getting frustrated with no movement on the 175 (i hadnt waited nearly as long as you lol) and they were the ones that said to apply for the SS and once I had SS they would automatically transfer the paperwork to the 176. As I say this was a couple of years ago but I can't see why it would have changed. Give them a ring maybe just to get it confirmed though.Hopefully someone else on here has done it more recently and could give you more up to date advise. Good luck.
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      We did it in 2009 as 176 visa's were higher on the priority list. We just sent them the extra forms etc. and they added it to our original application. It did speed up our visa but when the grant came we got a 175 visa .

      Good luck, we know how frustrating it is waiting but it's well worth the wait.
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      Thanks guys, that's exactly what I'm hoping they will do for us too - fingers crossed!!



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