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    Thread: State Sponsorship tracker again!

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      Hey big bob, for your tracker - I'm a primary school teacher. I did put this in a message to you b4 but think you missed it! Not long now. Many thanks. X

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      Big Bob
      Errr Josie .. I am sorry ... human error ...Check it now : )

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      Quote Originally Posted by Lenore View Post
      Oh, I've just noticed this entry - thank you, adelaide1937!
      My advice is DON'T try to calculate, like Oh, it's 3 days since the change of status, or what this or that status may mean; because I think even South Australian case officers wonn't be able to answer these questions. I looked at many timelines and my calculations were showing that I should have got my sponsorship earlier than I did. At that time availability levels for the job were changing which was another reason to be worried. As a result I was SOOO stressed for the last few days that I made my and my OHs lives miserable :DD Don't analyze, just wait, try to keep busy and try not to think about it. I was checking the tracker so many times during a day and night that it almost turned into obsession :D
      The response WILL come, just try to cope with stress guys, and don't try to predict, etc. because actually you don't have any influence on the things. If you have free time to worry - go to the cinema, or take the kids to the swimming pool :)
      Thankyou Lenore. Its that anxiety just keep climbing...Yeah, you are right, should stop thinking much...

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      Bob - update us please - we've finally lodged :D 17th August 176 applied for :) Cheers me dears :)
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      Our 33,000km ish trip around Oz - have a look here (also good for tips on equipment and holiday places ) Our moving and living here blog :)

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      Big Bob
      Quote Originally Posted by Adelaide_bound View Post
      Bob - update us please - we've finally lodged :D 17th August 176 applied for :) Cheers me dears :)
      Heyy AB...
      Will turn you Orange # 2.... there you go Cheers and all the very best for your 176!
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      I don't know whether anyone here noticed, but many occupations on SA SMP were reaching low levels, but now they have been changed to high availability again!
      So no worries, I believe the levels can be reviewed and changed again in September!

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      Big Bob

      Exclamation Tracker Update 18 August 2011

      SA State Sponsorship Tracker Colour Code

      SA Sponsorship Applied : Green
      SA Sponsorship Approved : Purple
      SA Sponsorship Rejected : Red
      Visa Filed :Orange
      Case Officer/Medicals/PCC:Pink
      Visa Granted :Blue

      Total Applicants applied for SA State Sponsorship :14

      Sponsorship Awaited :7
      Sponsorship Granted :7
      Sponsorship Refused : 0
      Visa Filed :2
      Case Officer/Medicals/PCC: 0
      Visa Granted : 0

      Please click on image to know your status full screen:
      PIA- SA Sponsorship.JPG

      New Update: 1
      Name: Adelaide_Bound (#2)
      Date of SMP application: 12 Jul 2011
      Docs Received by SA Office:18 Jul 2011
      Trade/profession: Secondary School Teacher
      Visa type:176
      Delays/further docs requested: NA
      SS Granted:29 July 2011
      Visa Filed: 17 August 2011

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      Cheers Adelaide Bound for completing the hectic lodging process..I am also putting together the documentation and will lodge next week... it is just so much documentation especially if you are in the de facto partner situation....

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      Just to add some details on my application, i have lodged on aug 14, have not uploaded any docs yet n currently exausted with the pwhole process, I have still 24 days to upload docs, but as other forum members advised I should do asap

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      Hello all,

      UPDATE REQUIRED! Much excitment...we have a case officer and have been asked to proceed with medicals and police checks. We are due to go on holidays in just over a week so police checks will get completed while we are away (takes 10 days plus posting on the standard service 35 pp), medicals are booked for the day after we return...unless they can squeeze us in at short notice before we go! Its unbelievable to think we could have our visa by the end of Sep! Already arranged with our solicitor to get the house on the market when we get back too.

      Big Bob your doing a fab job for us all keeping track on everyone's progress. Much appreciated :)

      Name: eclare
      Date of SMP application:12 Jul 2011

      Docs Received by SA Office:20 Jul 2011
      Trade/profession: Project/Programme Adminstrator (Procurement)
      Visa type:176
      SS Granted:4 August 2011
      Visa Filed:7 August 2011
      CO Assigned: 18 August 2011
      Medicals: 12 Sep 2011

      Visa Granted:

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