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    Thread: State Sponsorship tracker again!

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      Aug 2011
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      Thanks Big Bob, Appreciate your busy schedule!!! I know what one of those is like with a 10 month old!!!
      Keeping fingers and everything else crossed, it seems CO's are being allocated quickly, we do not want to miss the boat for a speedy visa!!! (not having to wait 12-18 months)

      Carlie, Dan and Helena
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      IELTS 22.07.2011, AITSL 12.08.2011, SS for SA lodged 15.08.2011, Positive SS 06.10.11, 176 Lodged 7/10/11 Meds completed 10/10/11, Police Checks uploaded 10/10/11. C/O and Grant Received 07/11/2011!!!! IELTS HELP & FREE PAPERS : www.examielts.com

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      Congrats Adelaide_bound on getting your CO, I hope to be next on-line.
      IELTS:L:7.5 R:7 W:7 S:7.5 OB:7.5. ACS-sent 7/Dec/10 Computer Network & Systems Engineer (263111) +ve received 19/May/11. SA SS sent 16/July/11 Recieved 19/July/11 Approved: 8/Aug/11. 176 Lodged 23/Aug/11 CO: 9/Sept/11 PCC: Sept/11 Meds: Apr/2012 Grant: Sept/11 Landed: 18/11/12 and got IT job within 10days, first application. Enjoying every bit of Adelaide....

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      Hi! Can you add us? Info below. Anyone know how I can make my signature read properly instead of the gobbledygook below?!!!

      Academic IELTS 26 May 11 8.5 overall, SS app 27 Jul 11, Docs received 1 Aug 11, SS approved - hopefully soon!
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      Big Bob

      Wink SA State Sponsorship Tracker 31 Aug 2011

      SA State Sponsorship Tracker Color Code & applicant status timeline

      Total Applicants applied for SA State Sponsorship : 18

      GREEN ~ Sponsorship Applied : 10
      PURPLE ~ Sponsorship Granted : 8
      ORANGE ~ Visa Filed : 7
      PINK ~ Case Officer/Medicals/PCC: 4
      BLUE ~ Visa Granted : 0

      Please click on image to know your status full screen:
      SA SS Tracker 31 Aug 2011.PNG
      Update: Please welcome our 1 new member : Lynsey

      Current Status :
      Name: LynseyB
      Date of SMP application: 27 July 2011
      Docs Received by SA Office:1 Aug 2011
      Trade/profession: Chartered Accountant
      Visa type:176

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      Sorry Big Bob just realised my signature doesn't make sense. Edited my original post. Info is correct though.

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      Big Bob
      Quote Originally Posted by lexbunde View Post
      Congratulations on getting a CO Adelaide Bound.
      Big Bob, you are doing such a great job on this forum and I think if you decide to go to Canberra, we will gang up and arrange for you to be kidnapped and dumped in Adelaide...great job mte and hope your SA SS also comes thru soon.
      Ohh don't kidnap me Boss I surrender to you ....... I am not going to Canberra ....I am scared of getting kidnapped ...lols
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      Quote Originally Posted by Helchops View Post
      Amy 79, I think we are going to break certain keys on our keyboard for the amount of checking we have done!!! when did you send SS? x
      Hi Helchops, my docs arrived at SA on 5th August, when I applied online people were hearing back in 9 days, max 2 weeks so getting a bit twitchy now :)

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      I think we (people who applied when we did) were very lucky, we managed to get in the second they opened up SS again after it had been closed for so long, and therefore I don't think there was any backlog, whereas just a couple of weeks afterwards (ie when you applied Amy et all) it might have built up a little, so isn't just an immediate turn around - imho there isn't need for worry, it'll just take a little longer - but I know how annoying and frustrating it must be seeing people get approval asap previously and it slowing down now - I seriously was checking the tracker every 30 mins or something - really addictive type behaviour lol. Really feel for people who are currently waiting, but sure it will all be positive, just take a little longer (grrr on your behalf lol :) )
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      Our 33,000km ish trip around Oz - have a look here (also good for tips on equipment and holiday places ) Our moving and living here blog :)

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      Big Bob

      Adelaide 'eighth most liveable city in the world'


      Let me change the topic to a healthy one...Adelaide 'eighth most liveable city in the world'

      Something to really cheer about !


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      Big Bob - we have just lodged for visa, so I guess you can turn us orange :)

      I'm so glad the 176 visa proccess is short now, less stress and I love the idea of getting CO before the deadline for uploading docs. I would just feel more secure - that he/she won't tell me sorry, your application has been rejected due to missing documentation, and also that there would be possibility to contact them (I hope so!) and still time to get some docs certified or changed.



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