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    Thread: State Sponsorship tracker again!

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      A question for those who have received their SS...

      When you are notified of your outcome, do you receive an email telling you the result or is it just the tracking system that's updated?

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      Quote Originally Posted by Adelaide_bound View Post
      Just wanted to add to this (Bob covered the rest), we only uploaded our Marriage certificate, and that was all the CO wanted, she didn't ask for anymore at all. We only got married in April this year as well, so I could see how we could be viewed as a tad dodgy, but it didn't even cross our minds really to add more - so I'd upload your marriage cert and then wait and see if your CO wants any more.

      We've uploaded b&w scans for things (specifically asked for things after we got a CO - proof of my work experience) and they were accepted fine, have been changed to 'Met' on our tracker, and CO has said she is happy, so I'm guessing the B&W/colour thing is slightly flexible - I guess it depends if the doc looks legit or not (mine was a job contract with my current school) - may as well give it a go B&W as well imho, if they want it certified, they will just ask.
      Thanks Adelaide bound, that really helps. I'd rather not pay to have a statutory declaration witnessed and certified copies by a notary public... Hope they grant you your visa soon. Please let me know if they do end up asking you for additional documentation to give me an idea.

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      Quote Originally Posted by FortWilliamLoyal View Post
      A question for those who have received their SS...

      When you are notified of your outcome, do you receive an email telling you the result or is it just the tracking system that's updated?
      Hi there, my status was updated by 6.30am but I didn't get an email until 4pm on the same day. They will email you eventually.

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      [QUOTE=Big Bob;199156]You are safe hun..take my word : )
      Thanks Bob.. You are right... Now the occupation is again to "high". They have finalised the SS and some changes have been made today morning.
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      Quote Originally Posted by newbietoaus View Post
      My document date is 5th August and waiting with fingers crossed. FYI, last month, Developer programmer went to "low" and then was changed to "high", I am monitoring the site almost every day. So, lets hope for the best to happen. Good luck!!!
      It looks like you were right, Software Engineer has gone back up to High Availability

      Fingers crossed.

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      Finally got CO like 3 hours ago. BigBob you know what to do, turn me to some colour Big-guy.
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      IELTS:L:7.5 R:7 W:7 S:7.5 OB:7.5. ACS-sent 7/Dec/10 Computer Network & Systems Engineer (263111) +ve received 19/May/11. SA SS sent 16/July/11 Recieved 19/July/11 Approved: 8/Aug/11. 176 Lodged 23/Aug/11 CO: 9/Sept/11 PCC: Sept/11 Meds: Apr/2012 Grant: Sept/11 Landed: 18/11/12 and got IT job within 10days, first application. Enjoying every bit of Adelaide....

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      Hi All
      I'm new to this forum.
      We lodged our SA application on 3rd September, just waiting for the status to show docs received.
      Terrified they'll reject it (paranoid). We just really want this (like everyone), can't wait to get there, get involved and our lives on track. Feels like they've been on hold for ages.

      I had applied before, but my skills letter had just expired. Had to go through the whole RPL process again and got a positive result. It's been one hurdle after another and loads of let downs - hence the paranoia! SA looks great, just hope they like the look of us too!


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      Arnto ...congratulations on CO

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      Hi Big Bob,

      I'm Edvaldo's wife, not sure if you have noticed and I know you must be extremly busy but you have our medicals down as 20th August this should be 20th September. Edvaldo has an OCD problem please could you turn the whole line pink (must be a computer geeky thing).
      Thanks for doing this tracker has been a great help to us.

      arntoh - Congratulations on the CO almost there
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      Arntoh - congratulations!

      We got a CO today, as well !!! :D
      Totally unprepared, no trace of defacto evidence uploaded :D According to my calculations we were to get a CO in about a weeks time
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