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    Thread: Still waiting!

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      We were the same and had our visa granted the day we spoke to DIAC! Get your agent to give you the details of your CO and email or ring them yourself. If you know your TRN number ring the adelaide processing centre and they will put you through to your CO and speak to them in person. (Thats what we did)
      Good luck

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      we also had an agent - but when we lodged our application we were sent an email etc from our case officer with her e mail on it saying any concerns/queries to e mail her which I did - didn't do any harm and got us our visa nice and quickly! Good luck tho and hope they don't keep u waiting much longer!!

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      We emailed the dica! We got email saying they would get back to us with in 5 working days so let's see what happens!

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      Jane & Tony
      Quote Originally Posted by GCarter View Post
      Hi all!
      Anyone now how long from visa will get granted from medicals being finalised? Our online tracking thing has said this since the 15th of July now every thing else says met! I new there would be some waiting but has anyone got any idear how much longer from now? We are doing a 176 state sponsorship!
      Many thanks gaz
      Hi Gcarter
      We had our meds in the November and had our visa granted at the end of May but that was 3 years ago.
      Good Luck


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